Michelle L. Green

Homeland Maritime Border Security Regional Maritime Improvement Plan
Director of National Intelligence’s National Maritime Intelligence-Integration Office


Michelle Green joined the National Maritime Intelligence­ Integration Office (NMIO) staff in February 2015. As the Operations Officer supporting NMIO’s outreach and communication programs, ensuring that relations between the NMIO; the Executive Branch; Congress; the Intelligence Community; U.S. government departments and agencies; foreign partners, and other members of the global maritime community of interest are conducted with diplomacy and efficiency. As well as ensured NMIO RFis, talking points, briefings and ad hoc tasks were completed-both by informing NMIO leaders & ensuring NMIO equities & positions were accurately represented & conveyed to external partners. In June 2018 transferred within NMIO to the Maritime Policy Division as the Deputy Secretariat for the Maritime Domain Awareness Executive Steering Committee (MDA ESC) and the Great Lakes Regional Maritime Improvement Program Manager (RMIP). The MDA ESC is comprised of senior executive-level Principals designated by their respective departmental Executive Agents (EA) for MDA from cabinet-level departments (currently DoD, DOT, and OHS) and the designated maritime representative of the IC. The MDA ESC coordinates MDA policies, strategies, and initiatives. The MDA ESC also provides forums, activities, and venues to engage the global maritime community of interest (GMCOI) to promote collaboration and information sharing to enhance MDA. As the RMIP Program Manager I am responsible for implementing a flexible and adaptable regionally based engagement and advocacy program to improve Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) for U.S. federal, state, local, tribal, territorial, international, private and public (FSLTIPP) partners in the Great Lakes.

Mrs. Green was previously the Communications Director for the Department of Homeland Security’s Transportation Security Agency Office of Intelligence and Analysis. In this role she directed and oversaw internal and external controlled correspondence and records management. Mrs. Green’s previous positions supported maritime domain awareness and counter-IBO efforts for the Office of Naval Intelligence and the U.S. Navy Counter-IED Program Management
Office, respectfully. In these assignments, Mrs. Green provided executive and operational support to national leaders, foreign partners, and joint operators deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Prior to government service Mrs. Green served as a managing partner for a private real estate firm. She managed all aspects of the company to inc1ude business development, communications, marketing, customer service, and sales. Her leadership and interpersonal skills were key elements for the business generating multi-million dollar annual sales revenue.

Mrs. Green is married to Mr. Brian Green. They have two daughters and a son. Mrs. Green’s father is a retired “mustang” naval officer. She grew up on a number of overseas navy bases and from her early days to present, possesses respect and admiration for all who serve.